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Juice Plus+®

The latest clinical research shows that people can improve their chances of living longer, healthier lives by eating more fruits and vegetables. So it's good to know that Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

JuicePlus+ is one of the best ways you can boost your health - and we want you to know why! The new recommendation for eating fruits and vegetables is 7-13 servings a day! The phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables are what our bodies use to heal, to repair DNA damage, to reduce oxidation and free radical damage, and to build new tissue. They also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and provide support for a strong immune system. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. It is critical that a large part of our diet is fruits and vegetables so we can prevent or manage chronic disease and live longer and healthier lives!

How many of us actually get 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day?  

Not many. JuicePlus+ bridges the gap between what we need in our bodies and what we actually eat. Even those of us who love fruits and vegetables have our bad days!

JuicePlus+ is a whole food supplement.

Fresh, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables are harvested and juiced. Using a low-heat process that leaves the phytonutriients and enzymes intact, the juice is made into a powder and encapsulated. 

Most supplements are made up of isolated nutrients that have been manufactured, rather than grown in nature. We now know that our bodies don't use or absorb isolated nutrients very well, because that is not the way we were made to get nutrition. If you are paying a lot for supplements, you might just be excreting a lot of money down the toilet - literally! We absorb nutrients best when they are found in complex mixtures such as those found in food. This is because nutrients have synergistic properties - that is, they have a more powerful effect with they work together as part of a compex whole. That is why JuicePlus+ is such a great supplement - our bodies use it like they use good food!

JuicePlus+ for Longevity and Quality of Life

We all want to age well, and we all want to enjoy the company of our parents and older relatives for as long as we can. JuicePlus+ is a great way to improve our - or a loved one's - health and quality of life as we age. Often, as we get older, chronic diseases take a toll on us, but we can fight back with JuicePlus+! We have personally seen older family members lower their blood pressure and improve symptoms of macular degeneration with JuicePlus+, as well as have overall improvements in their health. Don't wait to share the gift of JuicePlus+ with a loved one - life is too short as it is! Check out this great video with Dr. William Sears to see why JuicePlus+ is so important for our "Prime Time" health!

Children's Soft Chews and Children's Health Study

Kids can be picky eaters - so what better way to get a range of fruits and vegetables into their diet than with JuicePlus+! Check out this comparison of JuicePlus+ soft chews vs. Flinstone soft chews - and see which one you would rather give to your child!

Also, because JuicePlus+ is dedicated to research and helping people be the healthiest they can be by increasing their intake of fruits and vegetabels, they started the Children's Health Study. Any adult that decides to take JuicePlus+ can put a child, grandchild, or other important young person in their life on JuicePlus+ for 3 years for free! See more information on the Children's Health Study here.

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