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The Body Mind Center Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Come and find out how holistic nutrition coaching takes a look at everything that's nourishing -or failing to nourish- your body:  food, water, stress, exercise, sleep and more.  

Holistic nutrition advising at The Body Mind Center is provided by Amy Wieser Willson, Ph.D., RMT, RYT

Amy’s food philosophy is based on years of training and research and focuses on using high-nutrient foods to fuel the mind and body while preventing many common ailments and diseases. 

Different than a traditional nutritionist, Amy works as a holistic nutrition advisor, exploring everything that nourishes -- or fails to nourish -- our bodies: food, beverages, sunshine, air, stress, activities/exercise, sleep and cleanliness, both inside and out. Her programs encourage mindfulness, foster better habits, and introduce activities suitable for each individual. 

When it comes to food, she’s a nutritarian. She doesn’t believe in stressing over counting calories and points. She knows that processed food plans don’t provide long-term health benefits. She sees the resulting harm caused by fads and starvation diets. Rather, she enjoys fostering change by incorporating easy-to-prepare, nutrient-rich and tasty recipes that soon become the new normal for families that aren’t thriving on the Standard American Diet. Whenever possible, she relies on local, in-season foods. Additionally, she understands that food will remain part of cultural celebrations and traditions, and offers tips to help navigate the social food arena. 

When it comes to exercise and activity, she takes a balanced approach. She gets that most people can’t spend hours in the gym each day. She understands that illnesses and prior injuries impact how people can comfortably move. She also knows that activities, when well-planned, can reduce stress and improve health. She relies on her training as a registered yoga teacher and certified yoga wellness coach to help others find balance in their bodies, realizing that our external body is a manifestation of the internal body. 

When it comes to cleanliness, inside and out, Amy works to limit the number of chemicals in her environment, on her body, and in her foods. She’s a Beauty Ecologist for Pangea Organics (, offering skincare products free of harmful chemicals. She prefers organic foods whenever possible. She relies on natural vinegar solutions for cleaning her home. 

As a professional writer, Amy knows that words hold power. She incorporates affirmations along with regular accountability checks to help overcome the self-doubt and negative self-talk so many use to unconsciously hinder their progress toward goals. 

Whether you’re seeking to maintain a healthy weight, looking to feel more vibrant and energized, or want to follow a more healthful path, these research-based methods can help. If you’d like to know more, schedule an intake session today by calling 701-367-2231 or emailing

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